In addition to its picturesque locale, its exceptional climate, and its ideal geographic location, the Basque Country is a mysterious world of language and culture of enigmatic origin. If you want to build on your attraction to this culture, we recommend the Musée Basque de Bayonne. This is France’s only museum devoted to Basque culture.

Founded in 1922, it houses an astounding 70,000 objects that tell the story of this world apart. The diverse themes include pastoralism, craftsmanship, maritime and river culture, cooking, furniture, witchery, festivals, dance, games, pelota, the Jewish community, the life of the bishop, and more. The exhibit bathes in the light of a roof window, in the purest of Basque traditions.

The Musée Basque also serves as a hub for a culture that is still alive. It houses cultural, ethnographic, and historical exhibits, and it shows documentaries and hosts other exciting events that show the Basque culture in another light. The Musée Basque is also committed to serving young audiences, and events are held for children all year round.