If you truly want to experience what it means to be Basque, you must see a traditional Basque house. In Basque, etxe means much more than ‘house’. It’s a home, a household, the heart and soul of a family. The size of the rooms, the way they are arranged, the most important rooms, and the land represent the values on display.

You are lucky to be able to visit a traditional home originally built in 1540: Ortillopitz. The current incarnation of the home was built in 1660. It overlooks Sare, nestled in a landscape of rolling hills and fertile fields. The land that belongs to the home has all the traditional features: a vineyard, a flax field, a 17th century kitchen garden, a centuries-old wash-house, and even a natural spring. Inside the home are vast rooms furnished in 17th and 18th century style, a reception hall, an attic, and more. The guided tour will take you into the history of the Basque people and their daily lives, showing you peculiarities, character, and authenticity.