All website guests do not use a mouse or pointing device. Some of them use their keyboard or specific keyboard or vocal command, to surf the pages and to activate the form control commands, etc.
If this is your case, this page will help you.
To facilitate the surfing, we installed a few keyboard shortkeys called [accesskey]. The shortkeys set on this website are as followed:

  • 0 : This page
  • 1 : Home
  • 2 : Your search
  • 3 : Site map
  • 7 : Contact

The [accesskey] can be activated combining keys depending of your computer system: operating system and browser. For example:

  • Windows Internet Explorer: press together Alt and one of the [accesskey] (without using the number keypad) and, then, press Enter;
  • Windows Firefox, Mozilla, Netscape, K-Meleon : press together the Shift keys and Alt, as well as one of the [accesskey] (without using the number keypad);
  • Windows et Macintosh Opera: Esc + Shift and [accesskey];
  • Macintosh Internet Explorer  Ctrl and [accesskey], then Enter;
  • Macintosh Safari, Mozilla, Netscape : Ctrl and [accesskey];
  • Linux FireFox : Alt and [accesskey];