In the Basque Country, there is a treasure to be found behind every hill: there are natural areas as well as Basque villages, each revealing the local identity in their own way. The Basque people are proud of their heritage; they are down-to-earth and their values focus on family and the land.

As a result, Basque villages have retained their character over the centuries. Ainhoa and Sare are listed amongst France’s most beautiful villages. La Bastide Clairence is also a true national treasure. Arcangues and its relaxing countryside were once home to the famous Luis Mariano. The Basque Country also boasts the hot springs of Cambo-les-Bains, the chili peppers of Espelette, the church at Hasparren, the views of Souraïde overlooking the Ursuya, the forest of Ustaritz, and the lake in Saint-Pée

You won’t be able to resist the desire to explore these charming, diverse villages, in the hills or in the woods, on the coast or high in the mountains. The Basque Country villages also include those little curiosities: ventas. You’ll find these at Col d’Ibardin, Behobia, Dancharia, and Arnéguy. These villages make a perfect excuse to go out for a walk or a shopping trip. Every village in the Basque Country is a miniature journey in itself!