La Petite Chambre d'Amour Beach/La Barre Beach

A 4.5 km walk on the seafront alongside the 11 Anglet beaches, from the Chambre d’Amour to La Barre. You will discover an exceptional location: on one side the ocean and a coastline of fine sand on the other; protected landscaped areas; the magnificent Chiberta golf course and the Atlanthal thalassotherapy center. To the South, when the weather is clear, a view of the Pyrenees mountains.

The Chambre d’Amour grotto, and its legend
Long, long ago, Laorens, a poor orphan, and Saubade, the daughter of a rich planter, were together, despite her father’s opposition, in a cave facing some huge waves. There, they were making an oath to love each other until death. It was a lovely day, the storm was howling in the Gulf of Gascony and the sea pushed by the off shore wind rapidly grew larger than normal and carried away the lovers. The fatal grotto which still attracts lovers and the curious was called the Chambre d’Amour.