Bayonne has the secret charm of a fortified city. It is also open to the world thanks to its harbour, in the Nive and Adour rivers. Furthermore, Bayonne sits just outside the Ansot plain: one hundred wooded acres criss-crossed with trails showcase the ecosystem of this humid area bordered by rivers, streams, and the ocean.

The walled city is also home to Saint Mary’s Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can meditate in the beautiful cloisters and contemplate the mysteries of its Gothic crypt. This city also owes its charm to its little cobblestone streets lined with shops, chocolatiers, bookshops, and more.

The tourist office offers tours with themes, such as the chocolate tasting tour or a tour on architecture. The Musée Basque unveils its treasures for you. But you’ll also notice Basque traditions in daily life: pelota, Bayonne’s festivals, song and dance, rugby at the Aviron Bayonnais, and—of course—the delicious cuisine.

The Bayonne ham festival is a traditional and festive rendez-vous celebrated around the market square in spring. Bayonne is also the city of corridas. The Bayonne amphitheatre is the largest of its kind in southwestern France, seating more than 10,000 people. It was built in a neo-Moorish style in 1893. Bayonne is a city full of resources. Not to miss!